Meet our Team

JARS Cider was founded by James, Andrew, Roy and Sam in 2018. Between the four of us are decades of knowledge in farming and chemistry.


Sales Manager and Director

James is responsible for promoting JARS Cider through our sister company, Barkham Manor Farm. He makes sure that all his customers know how well our cider goes with their delicious hog roasts!


Managing Director

Andrew manages the day to day running and operations of the company. His love for brewing started in his student bedroom at university and he always has a couple of demijohns bubbling away somewhere.


Orchard Manager and Director

Roy has been running his family business, Barkham Manor Farm, for many years now. He loves working outdoors and takes extra good care of his pigs and the trees in our young orchard.


Technical Director

Making good cider is a science, and Sam is our doctor (literally). He makes sure that every drop of JARS Cider is the balanced and traditional drink that we know you will love.

About JARS Cider

JARS Cider is an independent cidery in Barkham, Berkshire. Founded in 2018, our first batch is almost ready for sale and we can't wait for you to try it.

Earlier this year we planted a small orchard full of vintage West Country cider apple trees.